Sources you can and can't trust

It is crucial that you stay informed. Every day, there is something new going on. Of course, no one expects you to follow everything closely, still, it is important to know about things as they happen and have the correct information.

When it comes to media, Iran's situation becomes quite complicated. Oligarchs are everywhere, paying journalists to publish fake news and misleading information. Below, you find a list of the media we think you can trust.

The list is still a work in progress. We do hope we can add more information to it in a near future.

Remember to always use your critical thinking. No one trusts these sources completely and unconditionally. Please, use your best judgement.

Media and journalists you can trust

We do hope that we can update this list with more trusted sources.

Media and journalists you can not trust

Regime-dependent oligarchs are everywhere, especially in the United States and Canada. They own platforms, media and journalists with a broad range of audience. Do not trust them, even if they seem to be agreeing with the Iranian people protests and pains, they're wolves wearing sheep clothes. For obvious reasons, links to these persons/media are not included in this website.

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