Mahsa Amini, 22, was brutally killed on 14 September 2022, because she was not wearing a proper Hijab

Mahsa (Zhina) Amini was only 22 when she was brutally killed by the Iranian Hijab Police (also known as the Guidance Patrol). She suffered severe head trauma as she was beaten for resisting the insults and curses of the officers who arrested her.

She did not kill, did not injure, did not bring harm to anyone. She simply just slightly disobeyed the strict Hijab rules. We are sure that Mahsa, like all 22-year-olds, had many bright dreams. She deserved to live, but she was killed, unjustly, unreasonably, brutally, and cruelly. Nobody deserves to die like this.

We, the Iranian people mourn her death. We are on a mission to let other people know about her, about us, about the innocent civilians killed by the Islamic Republic regime every day.

What happened to Mahsa?

Mahsa and her brother were traveling from Saqqez, her hometown, to Tehran, the capital of Iran, to visit a few of her relatives. During their stay in Tehran, Mahsa was arrested around 6 pm local time on Wednesday, 14 September by the Hijab Police near Shahid Haqqani metro station. The police took her away and told her brother that she would be taken to a detention center for a briefing class and released in an hour.

Mahsa was taken out of that detention center to Kasra Hospital an hour later. She was already dead, the very day she was arrested by the police. The physicians detected brain injury. She was beaten to death because she resisted the police curses.

We are deeply terrified, shocked, and saddened by her death.


In the wake of Mahsa's death, the brave Iranian people started protesting on September 2022 to show their deep anger and disgust. They are in Tehran, Saqqez, Sanandaj, parts of Kurdistan and, other cities protesting against the regime.

2022 World-wide protests in the wake of Mahsa's death

"Your name will be a symbol", written on Mahsa's gravestone, her name has truly become a key word, to tell the good from the bad, to chant for justice.

What can I do?

You are here. You are reading. You are already helping. You can do more. Spread the word. Talk about us.

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